How Top Model, Anna Selezneva, Started a Premium CBD Brand. Alpaca are Involved!

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Secret to tackling stress: CBD Oil

If there’s one thing we could all use right now, it’s less stress. With social-distancing measures in place around the country and a general fear of COVID-19 at a low-level hum in the background at all times, I am always looking for ways to bring some relaxation into my day and generally feel a little more at ease in the world. Could CBD oil be the way to get there? Anna Selezneva, the model and co-founder of the Colorado-based full-spectrum CBD hemp brand Miraflora Naturals, believes so—and when she broke down why, well, it became clear why I (and you) might want to take her advice.

Sure, CBD might not be the first topic I thought I’d be taking notes about from a high-fashion model who was scouted at 21 and has worked for labels including Balmain, Chanel, Christian Dior, Giorgio Armani, Versace, and Ralph Lauren. But when we talked about the way traveling all the time made her feel out of control of her life, I found myself saying “me, too”—and I wanted to know her secret to finding a sense of calm in the middle of it all. Then I was even more interested when I heard that the solution she found was so powerful, she gathered up family members and partners Christopher Wynne, William Wynne, and Brent Facchinello to start a business offering tinctures, soft gels, recovery balm, sports drinks, and pet chews that incorporate the wonder ingredient. Read on to find out about her journey to create Miraflora Naturals, how she uses CBD to help curb feelings of chaos, and how alpaca—yes, alpaca—fit into her story.

You must have access to all sorts of products and experts. Why did you begin looking into alternative methods of dealing with stress?


I wouldn’t change my career for anything, but I did find it difficult to find that work-life balance in the beginning. Before the pandemic, I was frequently traveling three to four times a week, arriving in a new city in the middle of the night with a 4 a.m. call time. And when the industry’s hiring decisions are based not on intellect or spirit but solely on looks, you have to find holistic balance in your life to stay physically and mentally healthy.
I began to realize that true happiness could be found through spiritual development, life balance, and by seeking pleasure and gratitude in everyday moments. I started to focus on family, regular exercise, healthy eating, and I began incorporating CBD into my wellness routine.


What led you to CBD specifically?


I have always been careful about what I put in my body and what I use on my skin, so I have always looked to nature for my beauty and wellness solutions. I appreciate that CBD is naturally derived. It’s not a prescription drug or a synthetic product. In my research, I learned that clinical studies have shown that CBD helps your body’s natural systems interact and operate in harmony. It supports the body’s endocannabinoid system, which helps to balance mood and manage stress.

What was your goal in starting Miraflora?


I wanted people to achieve their best naturally, just like me. I was really passionate about it. We became determined to create the highest quality hemp-derived wellness and active-lifestyle products directly from our organic farm in Boulder, Colorado. On the homestead, we also raise alpaca for wool, and they naturally provide fertilizer for the hemp plants. The connection to family, the land, nature, and the production process has been very exciting.


You recently became a mom—has motherhood changed your view on CBD use?


After having my first child last year, I began to rely on the benefits of CBD even more. Motherhood has been a wonderful rollercoaster ride, getting to know and fall in love with my daughter. But I also found that I was getting even less sleep than before!


How do you use CBD in your routine?


Our products provide me with natural remedies for balance and recovery in a life filled with the uncertainties and demands of work, family, raising children, an active lifestyle, and travel. I start off my day with the tincture in my morning tea. I use the recovery balm for aching muscles after a hard ride on the mountain bike or from holding my daughter all day—she’s getting heavy! And for balance, I love the sparkling beverages, which I drink throughout the day whenever I’m feeling tired or stressed. I use CBD to counterbalance stress, restore healthier sleep cycles, and to help me through the pressures of everyday life naturally.

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