Miraflora Team Member Sam Long

You can’t speak about professional triathlete Sam Long (aka “Big Unit,” on account of his 6-foot-four frame) without using superlatives: He’s the youngest American professional triathlete to win a full Ironman, the youngest American to break 8 hours at Ironman Florida (he placed third), and, as reigning champ Ben Hoffman approaches 40, Long is America’s best (and possibly only) hope for the future. He’s known for training harder and racing more than anyone else in the field—and his recovery is tantamount to success. Long, now ranked No. 24 in the world at the age of 25, is from Miraflora’s home base of Boulder, Colorado, and he uses our products to help him heal from his training. As for his favorites, he says, "I'm in love with it all. My top four are the CBD tincture for sleeping, the sparkling beverage, the bath bomb, and the lip balm (in no particular order).” We’re proud to have Long on the Miraflora team.

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