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Born: May 5, 2017

Height: 5' 0"

Weight: 85 lbs.

Sex: Male

Favorite Movie: Borat

Fun Fact: Does a pretty good Borat impression

Favorite Product: CBD Bath Bomb 

Not much is known about Percy. Some say he grew up on a farm in Europe. Others say a small town in Russia. He’s also got a back leg tattoo that says, “Jane,” but no one knows who she is. At night, you can sometimes hear him screaming in Latvian in his sleep. His dream is to open an all-Alpaca vodka lounge in the style of his favorite Moscow bar, Cafe Pushkin.



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Merlin is a straight-up conspiracy theorist.

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Poisson (French for fish) is the cultured member of the herd.

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Irish Whiskey

You don’t name an alpaca Irish Whiskey for sheer coincidence.

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