Miraflora Hemp Infusions 4 packs

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Miraflora Hemp Infusions fits in a surprising amount of functional ingredients: 35mg of hemp flower extract, plus vitamins and minerals. A teeny bit of carbonation gives it the right punch, and the Blood Orange or Peach Ginger flavors have a subtle boost of spirituality.

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The Miraflora Difference

You'll feel the Miraflora difference the first time you use our premium CBD products. We hand-harvest our organic hemp flower and extract the full spectrum of all the good stuff—cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, essential oils, and amino acids—for maximum efficacy. We deliver only the finest products and pride ourselves on our complete standardization, consistency, and genetic traceability. In other words, Miraflora does it right.

Lab Tested

Relieves Stress (and Existential Angst)


Produced Using Organically Certified CO2 Extraction Methods

Better Sleep

Improves Memory

Pesticide Free

Never Made From Hemp Seeds, Stems, Leaves or Stalks

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Fed by Rocky Mountain Spring water on a USDA-certified organic farm outside of Boulder, Colorado, our hemp is the finest that nature can grow. (We’d tell you about our magical fertilizer, but our alpaca herd find it all so embarrassing.)


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