Who We Are: The Miraflora Family Co-Founders

William Wynne

Farm Guy

Bill lives on and manages the farm, making sure our organic hemp stays happy and our unruly alpaca herd doesn’t burn the place down. What he may lack in tech savvy (his amazement at Zoom calls never gets old) he makes up for in charisma, being the kind of guy you want to kick back with and drink a Sparkling CBD Beverage or two. He’s also Chris’s father, Anna’s father-in-law, and Brent’s uncle, which makes each company meeting feel like Thanksgiving dinner, only without the dinner.

Christopher Wynne

Boss Man 

Chris, a native Coloradan, likes to pass himself off as “a pizza guy.” But what that really means is that he built one of the largest pizza franchises in the world—bringing pizza to cultures where it wasn’t a thing and donating much of the proceeds to good causes along the way. He’ll also tell you he “enjoys the outdoors,” which means he skis gnarly lines from helicopters and summits 22,000-foot peaks in Nepal. (Yes, we find his modesty irritating, too.) He’s now come back to his roots, taking the helm as the CEO of his family farm in Boulder, Colo. When he’s not working long and weird hours—sometimes with his 2-year-old daughter, Althea, on his lap—he tries hard to grow a beard. Maybe someday he’ll get there.


Anna Selezneva

Stone Cold Fox

Anna is a supermodel. Literally. (She’s been on 13 covers of a little magazine called Vogue.) With a degree in psychology, she’s the brains behind this whole operation—managing the family dynamics alone is a full-time job. She also heads up the beauty side of Miraflora, innovating skin care products that harness the power of CBD. (They will make you look exactly like her. Or at least make you feel like you do.) Sure, she gets fancy on the runway, but she shows up most days wearing leggings and no makeup like normal people. (OK, like extremely good-looking normal people.) She’s also Chris’s wife and mother to their daughter, Althea.

Brent Facchinello

Mr. Nice Guy

Brent is the guy you call when your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere. He also runs operations and product development, which is a fancy way of saying he gets stuff done. A Colorado native (and Chris’s cousin), Brent was previously the mind behind merchandising strategy for Molson Coors beer and seltzer—all while secretly cultivating a taste for rare whiskey. When he’s not testing new CBD beverage formulas, managing the scientists, getting his pockets sniffed by the farm’s alpaca, or throwing around words like “nanoactivated” and “bioavailability,” he is most likely on the chairlift, quoting lines to complete strangers from Aspen Extreme.