Ask Anna:
Secret to Tackling Stress?
Top model Anna Selezneva finds daily wellness in a drop.

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CBD Soft Gels

Concentration: 10mg/ct (300mg)

Select options: $33.49
CBD Oil – 10mg/ml​

Flavor: Natural, Concentration: 300mg 1 fl. oz.

Add to Cart: $33.49
CBD Recovery Balm

Concentration: 500mg 1 fl. oz.

Select options: $49.99
Sustainably grown and thoughtfully harvested


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5 5 1
If you’re looking for a great product I highly recommend Miraflora. I have been using the Miraflora products and absolutely love it
5 5 5

5 5 1
I use the recovery balm as part of my post workout routine when I’m feeling more sore than usual from a heavy lift session or a long run. I definitely feel the difference after massaging it on to whatever feels sore, especially when I do it before bed and let it soak in overnight.

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