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Sensi Magazine: The Miraflora Farm

Sensi Magazine: The Miraflora Farm

Sensi Magazine recently featured our farm in their online publication. Here’s what they had to say:

“Instead of sharing the same pond with so many other CBD brands, Miraflora started from scratch. All ingredients originate from their USDA-certified organic farm in Boulder, which the business purchased directly from the family that first received the deed for the land from President Ulysses S. Grant. ‘Most cars have more owners than our farm,’ says [CEO Zach] Glassmith.

Working from a blank canvas allowed Miraflora to set themselves up for their definition of success. Not only that, but Miraflora could use the land in good faith, knowing that it had never endured pesticides or pollutive practices, even before they came onto the scene.

The practices that big-box farms typically employ don’t do Mother Earth or her population any favors. At Miraflora, the goal is to make CBD manufacturing more sustainable.

Glassmith and his team at Miraflora have figured out how to tackle every possible problem on their farm with a natural solution. Instead of terrorizing the soil with manufactured fertilizer, they brought their own alpaca herd to do the job. (The alpacas are viral stars in their own right as they tell the Miraflora story on TikTok.)”

Read the full story here.

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