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7 Cool Factors That Make Miraflora More Sustainable

7 Cool Factors That Make Miraflora More Sustainable

April is Earth Month, which is a good excuse to do a little horn-tooting when it comes to sustainability. Miraflora Naturals takes it very seriously. The whole ethos of the CBD brand is health-centric, not just with its focus on an active lifestyle, but in its dedication to being healthy for the planet, too. From the packaging choices that reduce its carbon footprint to smart farming techniques that involve ladybugs to the brand’s forward-thinking commitment to sustainability-boosting research, Miraflora has a lot of reasons to celebrate this month. Here are a few.

Factor 1: The cutest fertilizing system known to man

Part of the magic of Mirafora’s CBD oil is that the land it grows on is fed with what’s called Alpaca Gold. (It’s a very nice way of saying “alpaca poop.”) It comes by way of a delightful herd of four-legged misfits—with names like Burrito, Percy, and Irish Whiskey—who live on the farm and provide this earth-friendly nourishment without a whole lot of fuss. They even have their own highly amusing TikTok channel. A highlight: The taglines in their The Real Alpacas of Boulder clip.

Factor 2: Organic farming methods

While the alpacas are the stars of the farm, in truth, they are only one part of a larger commitment to maintaining Miraflora’s non-GMO, USDA-certified organic methods. Think swapping pesticides for natural helpers like ladybugs and strategic water usage. Says COO Brent Fachinello, “We're allocating water to make sure we're not over-watering and switching from overhead to drip irrigation, which decreases evaporation.” That, says Fachinello, “allows you to prevent water from misting in the air—it’s going directly into the soil to nourish the plants.”

Factor 3: The location

The choice to have the 160-acre farm based just outside of Boulder, Colo., was completely intentional. Not only does it provide access to Rocky Mountain spring water, but the city has been called “a hotspot of weather and climate expertise” and is a bit of a green haven, thanks to the labs at University of Colorado Boulder. Fachinello explains, “We were looking for a place that shared our values, and Boulder was it.” 

Factor 4: Earth-friendly shipping packaging 

To offset the carbon footprint shipping its products, the brand partnered with CompanyBox to ensure its shipping boxes are sustainable. How? They feature water-based ink, 100-percent recycled fluting, and eco-friendly recycled secondary packaging. Oh, and two trees are planted for every box used. True story.    

Factor 5: The headquarters is solar-powered

The Miraflora headquarters is powered by Tesla solar panels. It’s one way the founders are working to keep the impact of its energy use low—and there’s more to come. Fachinello says, “Long-term, we're looking more into the renewable energies of the future—solar, wind, and water. There’s also a plan for the use of electric vehicles.” 

Factor 6: There’s a “nose-to-tail” mentality (for plants)  

The brand aims to reduce waste by using every part of its harvest. “We believe in using the hemp plant as completely as possible, from putting it into our products, obviously, but also using the hemp stocks for landscaping and animal bedding.” It’s also included in its marketing materials—it’s all printed on 25 percent hemp (and 100% sustainable) paper.

Factor 7: The commitment to research for a brighter future

The brand is deeply rooted in science, and believes in using it to spur earth-friendly innovation. Proof: Miraflora has partnered with Front Range Biosciences to pinpoint the specific hemp plants best suited to the mountain region. The research looks at water and nutrient flow to find the plant varietals that are the healthiest and happiest in that climate. Oh, and they’re tracking potency, too, to ensure consumers reap the most benefits from the CBD extracted from it. 

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