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Our New CBD Cat Tincture Is Here!

Our New CBD Cat Tincture Is Here!

Analysts have estimated that 15% of all Internet traffic is driven by cat videos. The reason why is not a news flash: Cats are crazy. And while sometimes they’re crazy-awesome, hence all those videos, other times they’re crazy-making. But fear not, dear feline lovers, we have a new CBD Cat Tincture that might be able to help you both.

Cats can go from being curled up in a ball on your favorite sweater to racing around the house and attacking your feet in less time than it takes for you to say “catnip.” Cat owners call this hyperactive, dilated-pupil state of insanity “the zoomies,” probably because “Cocaine Bear” was already taken. 

The zoomies are a cat’s normal response to pent-up energy that accumulates because, well, we feed them, eliminating the need for them to run and pounce in the wild. But if it routinely happens at night and disturbs your sleep, a little dose of CBD might help them relax and sleep when you do.  

Your cat may also be exhibiting unusual behavior that could signal deeper anxieties. Things like excessive meowing, pacing, destruction, restlessness, hiding, decreased appetite, hypervigilance, trembling, salivating, or excessive grooming can be symptoms of your pet struggling with trauma or reacting to something out of the ordinary. Life changes like moving, having a baby, or even something as simple as hosting a dinner party can get your cat all out of whack.

CBD has been shown to be a safe and effective way to help calm your kitty. Cats have an endocannabinoid system (ECS) just like humans do, which is responsible for regulating natural responses such as fear, sleep, pain, appetite, and stress. When your kitty’s ECS gets out of balance, he may literally tear its hair out. CBD has been shown to mimic the normal messages the ECS sends, which may be why it works to calm them the heck down.

In addition, CBD may also help support your furry little athlete’s joints, as it’s been shown to decrease inflammation, and help nourish their brain, as it’s been shown to help stave off dementia. It may also help give your cat a shiny coat, soothe irritated skin, and improve quality of life for cats suffering with disease. Miracle compound? We think so.

We make our new CBD Cat Tincture with the same organic CBD we put in our people products. We grow all of our own hemp on our USDA-certified organic farm in Boulder, Colo., and we feed our plants with pure Rocky Mountain snowmelt and fertilizer from our farm’s alpaca herd.

Try some of our new CBD Cat Tincture today—a dropper for him and maybe two for you—and maybe, just maybe, you’ll both get some sleep.

*While CBD has been shown to be safe for cats, be sure to check with your veterinarian first—and give your cat the proper dose.

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