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Sober Sunday

Sober Sunday

Hey, we get it—being human is hard, and there are a million reasons to have a drink (or three) after making it through the day. Regardless of whether the day was good, bad, or just meh—you got a promotion, the kids used the last of your dish soap to make slime, you just finished the last episode of Ted Lasso—that glass of wine or a cold beer always seems justifiable. 

But when every day becomes a drinking day, your liver may need to take a little break. Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be a prolonged abstinence (refer back to said million reasons), but maybe just one day a week. Say, Sober Sunday?

Think of your liver as the filter in your humidifier. Every so often, it gets all gunked up and you need to clean it, right? Well, Sunday is the perfect day for this chore because, if you’re like us, you probably overdid it a little Friday and Saturday nights, and doctors say taking one day off after heavier consumption can help your liver recover. (What doctors probably won’t say is that this is the least you can do for the organ that’s working double-time all these years for your tequila-drinking ass.) 

Taking a night off can also help you catch up on sleep, which that last round of beers your buddy Brad always insists on buying clearly disrupts (most cruelly with a cold sweat at 3 a.m.). It may help lower stress later in the week, too, because you’ll be far more likely to have your laundry folded and fridge stocked if you forego those bottomless brunch mimosas. Finally, it gives you a sense of accomplishment, which can help you start out your work week in a more positive mental state.

Our favorite trick? Swap out the Sunday booze with a healthy mocktail—our CBD-infused sparkling beverages are great option, if we do say so ourselves. (Click here for some fun recipes.) And, for further incentive, try treating yourself in another way, too, say, by ordering take-out from your favorite restaurant or going to a movie at the theater. 

No, you may not be perfect (life is for living and all that), so Sober Sunday might a bite-sized fix that can help you feel better and stay healthy long-term. Cheers to you.

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