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The 6 Benefits of Sport CBD Oil for Athletes

The 6 Benefits of Sport CBD Oil for Athletes

 Athletes put a lot of strain and stress on the muscles, joints, tendons, and ligaments when working out, training, or playing their favorite sport. Prolonged wear and tear and repetitive motions can lead to pain, discomfort, swelling, soreness, and even injuries. 

Physiotherapy and other holistic treatments, like using sport CBD oil tinctures can be beneficial. Yet, unfortunately, many athletes turn to more conventional forms of medical treatment, like taking prescription painkillers for pain management.

Sadly, reliance on prescription painkillers can easily lead to addiction and create other health risks. Fortunately, athletes are becoming more aware of sport CBD oil tinctures that are safer, can help alleviate pain, and are non-addictive. 

Are sport CBD oil tinctures right for you?

One concern most athletes have had about using CBD oil tinctures is their legality and whether it could get them kicked out of competitions. As of 2018, the WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) and the USADA (United States Anti-Doping Agency) made changes to the list of prohibited substances and removed CBD as being prohibited. 

Keep in mind, the WADA and USADA are referring to CBD products that are made from hemp plants, not marijuana plants. Marijuana plants still can have TCH present in CBD products, which could result in ejection from competitions. 

However, the WADA did increase the urinary threshold for THC to 150 nanograms per milliliter to allow for occasional use of marijuana-based products outside of competition in those states and countries where it is legal. 

Keeping these things in mind, using sport CBD oil tincture made from hemp plants does provide the following benefits:

No. 1: Safer than anti-inflammatory drugs. Ongoing use of over-the-counter and prescription anti-inflammatory drugs can increase the risks of heart disease, strokes, and renal failure.

No.2: CBD helps reduce inflammation safely. After intense workouts, using sport CBD oil tinctures can help excessive inflammation. CBD has an anti-inflammatory response to dial down how much inflammation you experience post-workout.

No. 3: Safer and better than additive-causing opioids. Opioids—a.k.a. prescription pain killers—carry the risk of addiction, overdose, severe withdrawal, and even death. 

No. 4: CBD helps improve the quality of sleep. It can be hard to get restful sleep when one is in pain from training and workouts. Not only does CBD help alleviate pain and reduce inflammation, but it also helps the body relax and fall asleep faster for more restful sleep.

No. 5: CBD helps with problems of the gut. If you experience gut problems after extreme workouts and training sessions, sport CBD oil tinctures can help alleviate this problem, too. 

No. 6: CBD will not affect your performance. Since sport CBD oil tinctures made from hemp plants do not have any THC in them, they do not alter how your mind functions and responds during competitions, training, and workouts. 

Whether you play sports for fun, professionally, or just like staying in shape with frequent workouts, using sport CBD oil tinctures offers several benefits for athletes. (Click here to learn more about how athletes are using CBD to recover.)

To purchase sport CBD oil tinctures, as well as other CBD products, please feel free to browse our online store. If you require assistance or have questions, contact Miraflora at (855) 945-2197 today! 

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