The Denver Post: TikTok Famous Alpaca Help Grow Hemp

CBD company Miraflora sells many products that consumers are familiar with, from beverages and bath bombs to edibles for humans and their pets. But what sets the hemp manufacturer apart isn’t always what it’s selling.

Miraflora’s farm in Boulder is home to a band of adorable alpacas with names such as Irish Whiskey, Jackson Hole and Burrito that have earned a sizable following on TikTok. And it’s no surprise why.

The Alpacas Hemping account, which boasts more than 7,300 followers, offers social media users a behind-the-scenes look at the daily lives of these fluffy creatures. And when they’re not swindling passersby for attentioncrushing that Fitbit game or checking out cute boys, they’re doing their part helping Miraflora maintain its status as USDA certified organic farm.

“Alpacas are great for fertilizer,” said Brent Facchinello, Miraflora’s co-owner, chief operating officer and self-proclaimed alpaca whisperer. When his cousin acquired the 160-acre farm in 2019, they considered adding various livestock, but settled on alpacas for their ability to create nutrient-rich compost that’s high in nitrogen.

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