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What Are CBD Gummies?

What Are CBD Gummies?

It seems like new CBD products are being developed regularly now that CBD oil is growing in popularity. From soft drinks and teas to tinctures and oils, you can find CBD available in just about any form, including gummies.

CBD gummies are like gummy candies with a few exceptions. CBD gummies are not candy and should not be eaten like candy gummies. They contain CBD, which allows you to use CBD in an edible form through ingestion. 

You can find a wide rainbow of colors and flavors of CBD gummies from various suppliers and retailers. However, since most CBD products are made by different suppliers, the purity and strength of the CBD in the gummies can and does vary. 

As such, you want to read the outside of the label on the product to understand what ingredients are in the gummies along with the concentration of CBD, which is typically listed as cannabinoids. For example, our +Immunity CBD Gummies are made using natural hemp oil (CBD oil), elderberry, vitamin C, and zinc. The concentration of CBD is 25 mg per gummy.

Are CBD Gummies Legal in the U.S.?

CBD gummies are legal in the United States in all 50 states when they are made from CBD obtained from the hemp plant. In states where recreational marijuana is legal, CBD sourced from marijuana plants and used in gummies is also legal. 

Will You Get “High” Eating CBD Gummies?

When the CBD is derived from hemp plants, it does not contain the psychoactive THC component found in marijuana plants. THC is the chemical that gives you that “high” feeling. (Miraflora’s CBD is derived purely from hemp.) If the CBD used in the gummies came from marijuana plants, then you might notice a “high” sensation, depending on the concentration of THC in the CBD used to make the gummies.

Are There any Health Benefits of Taking CBD Gummies?

Using premium CBD products can help alleviate pain, inflammation, insomnia, anxiety, and stress. CBD also helps improve mental functioning, focus, and clarity. Another benefit gained by taking CBD gummies is helping to support the immune system when the gummies contain various vitamins and minerals. 

Additionally, CBD has antioxidant properties, so it helps the body flush out free radicals to reduce the risks of illnesses and diseases. CBD gummies even work as a digestive aid and to help stabilize food cravings. Cancer patients on chemo often use CBD gummies to help alleviate nausea associated with their treatments and stimulate their appetites. 

Best of all, CBD gummies come pre-dosed, so you never have to wonder how much CBD you should take. With gummies, you just take one to start enjoying the benefits of CBD.

As you can see, CBD gummies provide an efficient way to experience the benefits of CBD in an edible product. To learn more about CBD gummies, tinctures, oils, beverages, and other CBD products, please feel free to browse our online store. If you require assistance or have further questions, contact Miraflora at (855) 945-2197 today!

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