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What Kind of Holiday Indulger Are You?

What Kind of Holiday Indulger Are You?

As we head into the holidays, most of us abandon our fitness routines and overindulge. (There are, in our defense, so many reasons: fresh-baked cookies, honeyed ham, sharp-tongued Aunt Marge… “Another glass of wine, please!”) Then there are those the other side of the coin who remain committed to their regime but miss out on all the fun. (“Tofurky” and mung bean feast? Hard pass.)

The goal, of course, is to be someplace in the middle. We need to live a little, but we also need to make sure our “little” isn’t turning into too much. To find out where you stand, take this quick quiz—and learn a few tips on how to mitigate the damage and maximize the fun.

A holiday drink means:

  1. Champagne for breakfast, cognac for dessert, beer to hydrate in between
  2. A glass or two of red with the roast beast
  3. Fizzy water with a chaser of gloating and a nighttime jog

The skin of the turkey is:

  1. Best served with a side of ranch
  2. Good for keeping the meat juicy but gross for solo consumption
  3. The envelope of life—vegan lentil loaf is the path to total consciousness

Choose which adventure most suits your style

  1. A boat ride (with a ladle) down Willy Wonka’s chocolate river
  2. A bike ride through wine country with tasting stops along the way
  3. A 10-day silent meditation retreat with no food, alcohol, or sex

Your gift-buying style can be described as:

  1. I give something to every person I know—refrigerator magnets, mouse pads, ornaments, pencils with fluff-balls on top…
  2. I buy thoughtful presents for the people I love
  3. Bah humbug is actually Sanskrit for “eschew material goods,” and it’s my job to help people achieve enlightenment (especially my 6-year-old nephew, with his ridiculous request for a small plastic truck)


If you order a salad at a restaurant and the dressing doesn’t come on the side, you:

  1. Order extra dressing on the side—it never comes with enough
  2. Eat it anyway
  3. Send it back to the kitchen, complain loudly, and wonder if the water with no ice is causing you to burn fewer calories

Type-As: hedonists

You folks are sucking the marrow out of life—and putting bacon on top, too. So, come holidays, the wine flows like water and the fudge goes down easy. Here are some pro tips to help your train from completely coming off the tracks.

  • Mix in a few HempFlora Sparkling Beverages with your all-day drinkathon. It will help keep you hydrated, keep you in the spirit with a little boost of CBD, and give your liver a little time to process the toxins you just firehosed it with.
  • Any kind of exercise can make a difference. Take the dog for a walk, go throw a football with your niece, or do some pushups while you’re waiting for your cousin to get out of the bathroom. Just the psychological effect of knowing you did something will help keep you from going into a shame spiral when it’s all over.
  • Sleep is when your body recovers from all your bad behavior. And because science says CBD may help support your body’s natural sleep signals—which, thanks to that third “nightcap,” now need all the help they can get—take a Miraflora Soft Gel before you pass out.

Type-Bs: balanced

You people are what we all strive to be: balanced. You aren’t afraid to let loose and have a little fun, but you keep yourself in check with exercise and moderation. You don’t need any pro tips, but we’re going to give you some anyway because we’re bossy like that and can’t help ourselves.

  • Try a MiraFlora Sparkling Beverage while everyone else is overindulging. It will make you feel like you’re still part of the party, and its full-spectrum hemp oil will give you a little mood boost that will come in handy when Uncle Bill knocks over his wine on your new sofa.
  • Get your exercise first thing in the morning, which will make you feel good all day—and moderate the guilt if you do go a little crazy on the shrimp tray.
  • Before bed, do five or 10 slow yoga flows to help your food settle and prepare your body for sleeping. Take a Miraflora Soft Gel with full-spectrum hemp oil, which helps support your body’s sleep signals, for extra insurance.

Type-Cs: health nuts and borderline control freaks

You guys need to relax and throw some brie down your gullet every once in a while. Sure, it’s great to be healthy, but life is also meant to be enjoyed sometimes, too. Here are some tips on how to reach the punchbowl of eggnog from that high horse you came riding in on.

  • Buy some MiraFlora full-spectrum hemp oil tincture, put a dropperful (or two) directly under your tongue, and enjoy a newfound sense of calm that doesn’t take a 12-mile run to achieve. Also enjoy your new friends, who now can tolerate being around you. Repeat often.
  • Please stop bringing up your latest exercise routine at the table. Even your grandma doesn’t care what level you’re at in the climbing gym.
  • While everyone else is drinking wine and having a blast, crack open a MiraFlora Sparkling Beverage. It will make you feel included in the fun, and its full-spectrum hemp oil will give you a little nudge toward the happy side of the spectrum. It’s hydrating and delicious, too.
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