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11 Feel-Good Valentine’s Day Gifts

11 Feel-Good Valentine’s Day Gifts

If you’re looking for a Valentine’s Day gift for your sweetie, consider this: Nothing says “I love you” like something that actually boosts their well-being. These goodies will make your other half less stressed, more radiant, and more overall blissed out. Here are 11 perfect V-Day treats for the love in your life. (Also, to make your night extra special, read about how CBD can help spice things up in the bedroom.)

For the chill-seeker

This silky moisturizer soothes and hydrates parched skin on contact while 100% organic full-spectrum hemp flower oil works with your mood-stabilizing natural endocannabinoid system for an extra dose of bliss. Miraflora Naturals CBD Body Butter, $25

For the spiritual searcher

Think of this clean-burning soy-wax candle as a little mind-clearing session at the ready. It fills the air with the rich amber while the quartz crystal inside does all its mystical work on the body’s energy pathways (believers say it helps with concentration and memory). Joey Healy Crystal Candle, $55

For the spa-goer

If your partner has been holding tension in their face (who hasn’t?), this little magic wand will help work it all out. When pressed into pressure points, it tackles stressed muscles and leaves skin glowing. Odacité Mon Ami Facial Acupressure Beauty Tool, $19

For the sweets fiend

Valentine’s Day is the time to spice things up. Try this chili-spiked 71% dark chocolate bar that also happens to be organic, vegan, and soy-free. Any since chocolate is loaded with antioxidants, it almost counts as a health food. Zazubean Hottie Chocolate Bar, $39 for a pack of 12

For the aromatherapy fan 

If scent is your partner’s love language, look no further than this lovely limited-edition essential oil diffuser. And if you buy now, it’ll come with you a free floral oil of your choosing. Vitruvi Rose Stone Diffuser, $119

For the tea devotee

Give your significant other’s tea habit an upgrade with this ceremonial-grade stone-ground matcha made with hand-picked leaves from Uji, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan. Packed with antioxidants and teeming with antibacteral and anti-inflammatory properties, this special green tea variant is the perfect jump-start to any day. Morning Ritual Ground Matcha, $55

For the snuggle bug

The closest thing to a hug in blanket form, this weighted 12-lb throw is made of sustainably derived, chemical-free cotton. Some research hints that these blankets may help with anxiety. And since it doesn’t trap heat, you can even slip under it together. Baloo Living Weight Throw, $159

For the work-out enthusiast 

How clever—this water bottle doubles as a body roller to work out all the kinks. Perfect for after your significant other comes from a workout or something more romantic (wink, wink). Mobot Grace Foam Roller Water Bottle, $50

For the festive flirt 

Toast the two of you with these fizzy sippers spiked with vitamins, minerals, and 35 mg of hemp flower extract. Then watch as the powers of CBD leave you both feeling invigorated, relaxed, and possibly even more in the mood for romance. Miraflora Hemp Infusions CBD Sparkling Beverage, available in Tuscan Blood Orange and Peach Ginger favors, $20 for 4

For the “signature scent” type

This fragrance is sex in a bottle. OK, not really. But these synthetic-free fragrances made with organic and wild ingredients are seriously sizzling. On the masculine end, you have Howl, a mix of agarwood, black spruce, spiced black pepper, and anise. For the feminine crowd, there’s Held, which features neroli, manuka, and cocoa absolute. Oracle Jayne Station Howl and Held, $105 each for 50 ml

For the stressed sweetie

For an anytime massage option, this pretty little roller can’t be beat. Made with rose quartz, it glides over tight fascia (the webbing over your muscles) to get out your knots, boost circulation, and encourage lymph drainage. And it’s gorgeous to look at, too. Jenny Patinkin Rose on Rose Body Roller, $125

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