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How to Turn Your Bathtub Into a Spa

How to Turn Your Bathtub Into a Spa

First, let’s start with the bad news: While the spa industry awaits the end of the pandemic to reopen, the bathtub may be our only retreat. But the good news is that there are a lot of ways to boost your at-home experience. From a muscle-melting CBD bath bomb to a wine-holding waterproof speaker, there are tons of goodies you can lean on to help shut the world out and bring in that sense of ahhhhh... Check out these picks for soaking your cares away.

Saje Unwind Harmonizing Diffuser Blend

Drop this bliss-inducing mix of bergamot, lavender, and geranium into your oil diffuser to set the stage for the world’s most relaxing pre-bedtime soak. Your body may be in your bathroom, but your nose will think you’re at the Four Seasons. $16

Me Time Bath Caddy Tray

Reasons to love this adjustable caddy: It holds your tablet or book, your phone, and a beverage of your choice. $49

Miraflora Naturals CBD Bath Bomb

This little fizzing ball soothes with the power of body-balancing CBD. Packed full of 100 mg of full-spectrum hemp flower oil (which naturally prompts the body’s endocannabinoid system to ease aches and tension) and infused with a lemongrass, jasmine, and lavender, it’s an instant game-changer for any bath session. $10 

Bliss Lemon & Sage Soapy Suds

Winter dryness is no match for this citrusy sudser that leaves skin soft and silky, thanks to hydrating aloe leaf juice. And the lemon and sage scent? That’s just a nice mind-clearing bonus. $10 

Masque Bar 24K Gold Infused Brightening Hydrogel Eye Patches 

Apply a pair of these undereye miracles-workers before you take a dip, and you’ll leave the tub sans dark circles and bags. They contain gold to nourish and depuff, adenosine to energize and brighten, and snail extract to promote elastin and collagen. $26

Earth Therapeutics Body Brush

Smooth over all your rough spots with this 100% vegetable-based brush. Used wet or dry, it sloughs off dead skin to leave you glowing all over. $10 

Kari Gran Bath & Body Oil

For super-soft skin, add a few drops of this potion to your water. The blend of eight oils, including pumpkin, sesame-seed, amla, and babassu will provide a moisture surge that will last well after you’ve toweled off. $48 

Resoré Body Towel

The perfect end to a relaxing soak? An insanely plush towel to wrap yourself in luxury. Made from silky bamboo infused with antibacterial Tencel lyocell fibers and pure silver particles, it’s also designed to help keep skin clean and pampered. $99

The Body Shop Inflatable Bath Pillow

You can’t truly zen out when your back is against cold, hard porcelain, so a waterproof pillow is a must-have. This inflatable one can even travel with you. $12

Gabba Goods Wine Holder and Bluetooth Speaker 

Proof that heaven exists: This speaker that will play soothing tunes while holding your wine glass as you soak for the happiest, most hands-free half hour you could ever ask for. $37

Wildling Aura Collection

For a DIY spa treat, reach for this kit. It contains two body oils, a dry brush (for a pre-bath rub-down to get the blood flowing), and a gua sha massage tool you can use in or out of the bath to encourage the flow of fluid in your lymphatic system for an all-over debloating detox. $149

Miraflora Naturals CBD Body Butter
A real post-soak treat, this luxe organic body butter makes skin feel like heaven (thanks to virgin shea butter and extra virgin coconut oil). Oh, and speaking of heaven, it will send your mood there, too, by way of the uplifting, soothing full-spectrum CBD. $25

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