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Can CBD Help With Acne?

Can CBD Help With Acne?

Acne is the No. 1 most common skin condition in the United States, affecting 85% of people aged 12 to 24. We’re not even immune once we reach middle age, especially if we’re women— it affects more than 25% of that category. And for many, acne isn’t just the occasional pimple. It can be a severe affliction that damages self-esteem and causes permanent physical and emotional scars.

So what to do? There’s the medication route, which can have very unpleasant side effects. (Flaky skin, hearing loss, nausea, depression, hair loss, ulcerative colitis, and even organ damage? No, thank you.) Or there’s a more natural solution that may have additional health benefits: CBD. While CBD isn’t legal in most states for those under 18 and in others under 21, the compound has shown promise in recent studies to help alleviate acne.

First, let’s get to the cause of acne. It’s a multifactorial disease, which means it’s caused by many different things, but the No. 1 cause is overproduction of sebum, an oily substance made up of lipids that is produced by sebaceous glands in the skin. Sebum is important because it keeps our skin moisturized and helps protect it from friction, but an overproduction of it in puberty can clog pores and cause acne. 

Other causes of acne include bacteria and inflammation, which go hand in hand. When bacteria enters the pores, the immune system tries to combat it, leading to inflammation and pimples.

This is where CBD comes in. CBD has been shown in studies to reduce the production of sebumhelp calm inflammation, and have antibacterial properties. In short, it may help with all three of the leading causes of acne. In the studies, the compound was applied topically, and was well-tolerated without any negative side effects. Furthermore, CBD has also been shown to help with scarring and skin elasticity—good news for those who have pockmarks from more severe acne.

There may be some additional benefits to using topical CBD as well. The skin is one of the best ways to absorb the compound, and users report experiencing the same benefits as with ingestibles. CBD has been shown to ease stress, promote natural sleep cycles, and calm inflammation and soreness in muscles and joints. 

If you’re interested in trying topical CBD to help with your acne, try our organic Essential Serum. With only three main ingredients—vitamin E, jojoba oil, and organic full-spectrum CBD from our hemp farm—it nourishes, smooths, and hydrates every skin type. This antioxidant-rich formula can be used alone or under moisturizer. It’s nature’s most powerful one and done. Try some today, and see what CBD can do for you.

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