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CBD Oil for Sleep

CBD Oil for Sleep

Insomnia is the worst, and we all experience it from time to time. Stress, anxiety, caffeine, alcohol, travel, or blue light from computers or phones can all disrupt natural sleep cycles.

Of course, there are a zillion pharmaceuticals out there for sleeplessness, but many of these can be habit-forming or have adverse effects. (Google “weird things people do on Ambien,” for starters.) Which is why many health-conscious people are turning to CBD for help. 

Researchers have discovered that the endocannabinoid system, which basically acts like your body’s motherboard, plays a role in regulating our natural circadian rhythms. CBD, one of the many cannabinoids found in hemp and marijuana plants, has been shown to interact with this network of cannabinoid receptors in your brain and nervous system, leading scientists to believe it may help the body stay on its sleep/wake cycle. Researchers also believe that CBD may also help alleviate pain and anxiety, which are known to prevent or disturb sleep.

While more research is needed (CBD has yet to be approved by the FDA), one recent study released in the Permanente Journal shows CBD may be a healthy solution to sleep issues. Researchers gave CBD daily to 72 adults whose primary concerns were anxiety and poor sleep. In the first month, 80% of the patients experienced decreased anxiety and 67% experienced better sleep. CBD was well-tolerated in all but three of the patients.

CBD by law contains less than .3% of THC, which is the psychoactive cannabinoid in marijuana, so it will not make you feel “high.” CBD users anecdotally report very few if any side effects (read: no sleeping pill hangover), and most report that the only thing they did feel was a greater sense of calm and focus.  

What CBD should you try? Miraflora’s +Sleep Soft Gels might do the trick. They’re made with full-spectrum organic hemp flower oil and melatonin, which is a hormone your body produces in response to darkness that helps regulate your circadian rhythm.

All of our CBD comes from hemp organically grown on our family’s farm in Boulder County, Colorado. We water our crop with snowmelt from the nearby Rocky Mountains and fertilize it with Alpaca Gold, a fancy term for alpaca poop, sourced from our farm’s adorable (and unruly) alpaca herd.

To learn more about Miraflora, take a surf through our site and see what our Colorado pride can do for you.

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