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What’s in Your Tincture?

What’s in Your Tincture?

We know, there are a zillion CBD purveyors out there. (You can’t even get a cup of coffee anymore without the barista asking you if you’d like a dropper full of the stuff.) So, does it really matter which brand you buy?

To us, this question is like asking if the organic heirloom tomato from the farmer’s market is the same as the anemic one wrapped in cellophane at the big-box grocery store. Where your CBD comes from matters—a lot. 

To understand why, we have to let you in on the dirty secret about the CBD industry: Because it’s not yet approved by the FDA, the market is like the Wild West—completely unregulated. You can buy everything from oil processed in some dude’s van to mass-produced stuff sourced from undisclosed locations all over the world—none of which is tested for its contents. In short, many CBD companies have labels you just can’t trust.

“A lot of companies are selling things that are not up to the standards,” said Jonathan Vaught, PHD, the CEO of Front Range Biosciences, which specializes in hemp genetics. “They may not contain as much CBD in them as they claim, or there could be toxic pesticides and heavy metals that came along for the ride from the hemp. If those things weren’t tested for, they’re getting into the supply chain.”

This is where Miraflora comes in. All of our products are organically grown and backed by science, which means we have Colorado’s top hemp scientists (Vaught, for one) testing every drop that comes from our USDA-certified organic farm to ensure safety and consistency. 

Speaking of our farm, it’s had fewer owners than your car (and we have the original deed from Ulysses S. Grant to prove it). One of the state’s original homesteads just outside Boulder, Colo., it’s been family-owned and -operated for more than a century, and it has been organic since before that was a thing. That means our soil has never seen a pesticide—unless you count the ladybugs, which do take care of some hapless aphids. 

We start by choosing the hardiest hemp seeds that flourish in our sunny climate. We then nourish our crops with snowmelt from the nearby Rockies and Alpaca Gold—a fancy term for nutrient-rich alpaca manure—from our farm’s herd (Merlin, Jackson Hole, and the gang). Then, each fall, we hand-press our hemp flower to produce the world’s finest CBD—tinctures, soft gels, sparkling beverages, dog treats, and more—all grown from the world’s finest soil.

Miraflora Naturals is committed to helping you be your best, naturally. Buy some today, and see what our Colorado pride can do for you.

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