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Miraflora Takes Full-Spectrum to a New Level

Miraflora Takes Full-Spectrum to a New Level

Here at Miraflora, we think of everything in holistic way—we believe that the process is as important as the product. Call it full-spectrum farming, if you will.

Everything that goes into our hemp matters, which is why our USDA-certified organic farm has never, ever seen a pesticide. We also use only fresh Rocky Mountain snowmelt to water our crop, and we fertilize with Alpaca Gold, nutrient-rich manure from our farm’s alpaca herd (Merlin, Jackson Hole, and the gang). Add 300 days of glorious Colorado sunshine, and you get the finest full-spectrum CBD on the market.

Why is full-spectrum so important? Full-spectrum CBD means it contains trace amounts of other cannabis compounds—including TCH (less than .3% by law)—found naturally in the hemp plant. The other compounds, like terpenes and flavonoids, have been shown to improve the efficacy of CBD and heighten its health benefits. This is what we call the “entourage effect.”

According to Jonathan Vaught, Ph.D., cofounder and CEO of FRB and arguably the world’s premier hemp expert, scientists are still discovering why multiple compounds interact better with the receptors in the endocannabinoid system, but he has his own theory. “Basically, I think the difference between a pure compound and a group of compounds is akin to the difference between taking a vitamin isolated from lettuce versus eating the lettuce,” he said.

In addition, a lower dose of full-spectrum CBD is as or more effective than higher doses of isolate, which may help prevent possible drug interactions. Full-spectrum CBD is also less processed, which means more of the plant’s natural chemical properties remain intact.

Of course, other brands out there make full-spectrum CBD, but with Miraflora, you know it comes from organic, sustainable full-spectrum farming, too. Try some of our premium full-spectrum products today, and see what the entourage effect can do for you.

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