RS Recommends: The Best CBD Drinks You Can Buy Online

Looking for an effective CBD drink can be as hard as looking for an effective post-workout drink that doesn’t load up with sugar and carbohydrates. Miraflora’s Sports+ sparkling beverage is the best of both worlds, containing full-spectrum CBD and some recovery essentials you’ll love.

Morning workout enthusiasts and athletes that don’t want to drink something that will make you drowsy, Miraflora has you covered—it’s not only infused with with 35 mg of CBD extract, but loaded with amino acids, coconut water, hydrating electrolytes and antioxidants, which are key to help you spring back for your next workout.

It’s also just an all-around refreshing post-workout beverage, since the coconut water makes it a light and low-cal alternative to heavy protein shakes.

Buy: Miraflora Sparkling CBD Beverage +Sport for $20 (4-Pack)

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