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Quiz: How's Your Sex Life

Quiz: How's Your Sex Life

OK, so a quiz about sex will never be be as fun as, you know, actual sex, but it might just help make that activity even better. We want to help you figure out just how comfortable you are with your sexuality and your body—and if you could use a little help to you get there. (Yes, there.)

Your sexuality is, of course, personal—unless you’re a porn star, in which case we’ll save you five minutes and tell you that you’re very comfortable with it. For most of us, though, we bring our unique set of values and beliefs to the bedroom (or countertop, or kitchen floor…), and these can make sex either the most stress-relieving or -provoking activity we engage in during our day-to-day lives.

Those who are on the latter end of the spectrum could benefit from a little help, and our organic full-spectrum CBD—all sourced from our USDA-certified organic hemp farm in Boulder County, Colo.—might be the answer. CBD has been shown to have many properties that might be helpful for overcoming bedroom anxiety—it may help boost mood, reduce anxiety, and relieve stress. Research shows it also may have a host of other benefits, like reducing inflammation and improving sleep.

Take this quiz to find out what your comfort level is—and we’ll give you some products that might add a little more joy to your nighttime gymnastics.

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